Thousands of people have received Buddhist study materials from the Asian Classics Institute by mail. Many of those people deeply appreciate the teachings and are making efforts to improve their understanding and practice of Buddhism. Some people have formed study or discussion groups to help further their understanding, and to learn and grow with like-minded people in their neighborhood. Others have decided that they wish to teach using ACI study materials as the basis of their classes.

People regularly ask if there is anyone in their area using ACI materials that they can Email to study with. In an effort to help people study together, below is a listing of study groups using Asian Classics Institute materials along with their Email information.

Please be advised that the Asian Classics Institute does not recommend any of these study groups per se. Listing a study group below does not indicate that it has been evaluated in any way, or approved by the Asian Classics Institute. This listing is a service to help people study together, and does not indicate a recommendation or certification of the study group. Once study materials are supplied to individuals, how they are used is completely a matter of personal discretion. As with all spiritual things, be sure to check it out to verify that what is being done and said is valid and has not been compromised in some way.

If you do not have a local group In your area and are interested in having an ACI Teacher come out to teach, please email Summer Moore. In order to send out a teacher we do need you to be willing to help coordinate their arrival. This includes helping to find a location whether it be a living room or a yoga studio or some type of teaching space. We would also need raising awareness of the teaching in your area. There may be some other things we would need help with that we can specifically talk to you about later. If you are willing and able to help, then please email us and let us know your location and we'll try to coordinate getting a teacher out to you.

To receive study materials directly from the Asian Classics Institute, click here.

If you have a group that gets together to study using ACI materials, either by listening to tapes or as a discussion group, and would like to be listed here, Email studygroups@world-view.org

List of Study Groups

Diamond Mountain, AZ Email (415) 738-2450
Sierra Vista, AZ Email (520) 803 6537
Tucson, AZ - Diamond Dharma / Three Jewels Email (520) 207-9889
Anchorage, AK Email (907) 344 5533
Davis, CA Email (530) 756 3788
Felton, CA Email (831) 818 1380
Los Angeles, CA Email (310) 398 6622
Orange County, CA Email (714) 241 1455
Somes Bar, CA Email (530) 469 3219
San Francisco, CA Email
San Jose, CA Email (408) 866 8956
Santa Barbara, CA Email (805) 455 6514
South Lake Tahoe, CA Email (530) 541-6188
Venice Beach, CA Email (310) 827 1590
Aspen, CO Email (970) 479 1096
Breckenridge, CO Email (719) 836 0442
Carbondale, CO Email (970) 479 1096
Colorado Springs, CO Email (719) 495 2175
Denver, CO Email (303) 696 8295
Frisco, CO Email (719) 836 0442
Park County, CO Email (719) 836 0442
Vail, CO Email (970) 479 1096
New Canaan, CT Email (203) 972 3406
Redding, CT Email (203) 938 2330
Eustis, FL Email (352) 589-1793
Chicago, IL Email (773) 529 2479
St. Charles, IL Email (630) 587 0140
Indianapolis, IN Email (317) 859-1234
Northampton, MA Email (413) 584 6139
Boston, MA Email (617) 504 2164
Freehold, NJ Email (732) 462 9642
Asheville, NC Email (828) 252 5409
Nyack, NY Email (845) 353 2696
Cincinnati, OH Email (513) 730 3030
Columbus, OH Email (614) 784 1436
Corvallis, OR Email (541)745-2507
Portland, OR Email (503) 649-1230
Philadelphia, PA Email (215) 557-0700
Austin, TX Email (512) 921-6901
Houston, TX Email (281) 352-5980
Lake Jackson, TX Email (979) 292-4383
Fairfax, VA Email (703) 503 5487
Olympia, WA Email (360) 357 4823

Gosford, Australia Email (02) 43 227088
Perth, Australia Email (08) 9367 4817

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Email (519) 742 6419
British Columbia, Canada Email (604) 252 9822

Mannheim, Germany Email (06 21) 728 7960

Hong Kong Email (852) 91007406

Galway, Ireland Email (353) 87 120 8141

Kfar Saba, Israel Email 052-6010902

Puebla, Mexico Email (2) 243 3348

Singapore Email

Johannesburg, South Africa Email (27 11) 660 7883
Port Shepstone, South Africa Email (039) 6950806.

Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain Email 97 138 5756