Ani Chodron The Asian Classics Institute is dedicated to the serious study and personal practice of the original teachings of the Buddha. The Institute was established by Geshe Michael Roach under the spiritual direction of Khen Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Tharchin, a distinguished scholar and master of Buddhism from Tibet.

The Institute is staffed by volunteers and offers a wide range of programs for spiritually minded people of all levels, from beginning to advanced. We welcome all comers, all our teachings are offered without charge, and our teachers are well trained and experienced in the authentic Tibetan tradition. The purpose of the Institute is to provide a thorough, accurate Tibetan Buddhist education to anyone interested.

As a result of completing full studies with Khen Rinpoche and at Sera Monastery in India, Geshe Michael Roach developed and taught a seven-year Formal Study Program in New York. That program condensed the essence of the Six Great Books of Buddhism into a series of 15 Formal Study Courses to train the next generation of Western Tibetan Buddhist teachers. Those Courses parallel the same basic core of information that a Geshe (Doctor of Theology) learns at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Geshe Michael taught the Formal Study Courses along with Tibetan language classes, meditation and general Buddhist topics prior to entering retreat.

Upon completing this full program of teaching, Geshe Michael entered a three year isolated retreat, which will conclude in 2003. The teachers that Geshe Michael trained over a period of seven years continue to teach and conduct classes in person. For more information on the wide variety of classes offered, please see ACI's non-profit website.

Geshe Michael's classes were recorded, and demand for them from people living outside New York City consistently grew. As a result the Correspondence Courses were created to make these comprehensive, accessible teachings available to people everywhere by mail. The Correspondence Courses make the Formal Study Courses and meditation instructions that Geshe Michael taught available to those who did not attend in person. You can pursue a comprehensive Buddhist education wherever you are, and at your own pace and commitment level.

Thousands of people have received Buddhist study materials from the Asian Classics Institute by mail. To help satisfy the demand, and to make it more cost-effective for the growing number of students outside the United States, we have launched on-line availability of the teachings. Shipping printed materials and tapes around the world is too slow and expensive for many people. The on-line teachings make the audio and text from the original classes that Geshe Michael taught available for download onto your own computer. You can now burn your own audio CD's of the teachings, or print out your own class texts.

For more information about classes and programs click on a relevant link, or to receive a class schedule in the mail contact:

ASIAN CLASSICS INSTITUTE, 6490 State Route 179, Sedona, AZ 86351

Tel: (928) 295-7020